The Kuwait Cultural Office in Dublin provides health insurance to each student studying in Ireland on behalf of the scholarship sponsors. As the saying goes: ‘Your health is your wealth’, and so the Kuwait Cultural Office pays great attention to students’ health. We have therefore called upon one of the best healthcare companies in Ireland, VHI Healthcare, to ensure the safeguarding of all our students’ health while they are studying in Ireland. VHI Healthcare guarantees a very high level of health care for all students.

Through you healthcare plan with VHI Healthcare you will be fully covered for an extensive and varied range of healthcare and dental needs. When you arrive in Ireland for the first time you will be registered with VHI Healthcare who will then issue you with your Healthcare pack, which will include your VHI card, your policy number, and full details of your healthcare package.

Please ensure you always have your VHI card to hand.

What to do if you are ill

For minor illnesses you will need to go to a General Practitioner (GP), a doctor who provides health care to the patient in his/her surgery or in the patient’s home. You will find a list of GPs near where you live by simply googling ‘doctors near me’. Your GP is usually the first place you go for all illnesses except for accidents and emergencies. If you feel the need to see a consultant, you will still need to go to a GP for a letter of referral. You will need to make an appointment before you visit your GP, so it is always a good idea to have a list of GPs that are near to where you live so that you can contact them if you are ill.

Hospitals are for accidents and emergencies, or if you have been referred there by a doctor or a consultant for a certain procedure. You do not go to the hospital for a minor illness. Please note that in Ireland we pay the GP / consultant etc on the day of our visit. Always get a receipt of payment as you will need that when making a claim to reimburse your money through VHI Healthcare.

Making a Claim through VHI Healthcare

There are a number of ways to make a claim through VHI Healthcare. You will be informed on how to do so when you receive your VHI Healthcare information pack. Please note that when making claims you will need your policy number (which can be found on your VHI card) and a copy of the receipt of payment. You can also find the relevant information at the following link:

The easiest way to make a claim is through ‘Snap and Send’. This is a claims process that you can do through an app on your smart phone. All you need to do is set up a MyVHI account online and then download the VHI app. You can then make a claim the same day as your visit to the doctor / consultant etc. The money you are due will then be paid into your Irish bank account within a few days. For details see the following link:

If you have had to visit a hospital, VHI Healthcare will pay the hospital directly. You will need to complete a hospital claims form when you are being admitted to hospital. The hospital will provide you with this. Your VHI card will have all the details you need. The hospital will then bill VHI healthcare.

Dental Cover

If you need to visit a dentist, first make sure that your dentist is part of the VHI Dental Network – a list of dentists that work in conjunction with VHI. See the following list for an up-to-date list to find a dentist near you:
As a VHI Dental member, by attending a dentist in the VHI Dental Network you only have to pay the dentist for the costs of dental treatment not covered by your VHI Dental Plan. There’s no need for you to claim back your benefits. All you’ll need to do is sign the claims form you’ll be given at the dentist’s. Please note that before you visit the dentist you’ll need to call VHI Dental (046-9077337) to inform them of the treatment that you are going to get in the dentist.

VHI Swiftcare Cinics

There are three VHI Swiftcare Clinics in Ireland. Two clinics are located in Dublin (Swords and Dundrum), and one is located in Cork (Mahon). These clinics are for VHI Healthcare members only, and treat minor illnesses and injuries. They are open from 8a.m. – 10p.m. 365 days a year from 8a.m. – 10p.m. For more information see

VHI Healthcare Contact Details

Once you have been registered with VHI Healthcare you will find a dedicated team especially for Kuwaiti students at your fingertips. You can call or email them with any queries you might have regarding your healthcare plan and making claims.
Telephone: 1850252253

Finally, the Kuwait Cultural Office is always available to help students get any information they might need.