All new students must be ready to travel at least one week prior to their course start date. In fact, ten days to two weeks beforehand would be ideal as you will need to give yourself time to settle in and fulfil the certain procedures that all new students have to do when they arrive in Ireland.

Before Travelling to Ireland

All students must have a relevant study visa. Visa applications should be made to the Irish Embassy in Abu Dhabi UAE . When applying for a study visa the student will need to have an ‘offer letter’ for an approved course from a university / college / language school in Ireland and a letter from the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait confirming his/her scholarship. The courses approved by the Ministry of Higher Education are as follows:

Approved Courses
1 Medicine
2 Dentistry
3 Pharmacy
4 Nursing
5 Genetics & Bioinformatics
6 Human Nutrition & Dietetics
7 Civil Engineering
8 Manufacturing & Design Engineering
9 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
10 Accounting
11 Business Studies
12 Finance
13 Marketing
14 International Relations
15 Management Information Systems
16 Human Resource Management
17 Media Studies / Journalism
18 Arts / Film Studies
19 Films and Media

Hotel Accommodation

One of the things a student should consider doing is book a hotel in an area close to the college / university where he/she is going to study. Useful hotel booking websites are:

Before travelling a student could also make plans to start looking for accommodation. They could make contact with the Accommodation Services in the college / university where they are going to study. These services could give them very useful information on host families, campus accommodation, apartment living etc. Some useful websites for renting apartments are as follows:

Before travelling to Ireland students could look at the websites, and make appointments to meet with potential landlords / landladies / estate agencies when they get to Ireland. Booking Flights There are no direct flights from Kuwait to Ireland. Students travelling to Ireland will need to make a stopover in another airport. The available airlines and corresponding stopovers are as follows:
Airline Stopover Email address
Kuwait Airways via London
British Airways via London
Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi
KLM via Amsterdam
Lufthansa via Frankfurt
Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
Cathay Pacific via London

Arriving in Ireland

When a student arrives in Ireland for the first time there are certain things he / she will have to do. All new students will need to:

- find accommodation;
- open an Irish bank account;
- register with their college / university;
- make an a appointment with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

There is no need to go to the Cultural Office. Students can go directly to the city where their university/ college is located. However, it is very important that once the new student has arrived in Ireland they contact the Cultural Office either by phone or email. The Cultural Office must know when a student has arrived so that the scholarship process can begin.